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Proudly pouring Kokako Coffee

At The Kitchen we offer inspiration and community for a wholefoods lifestyle. We eat the rainbow using the freshest local and seasonal produce, cold press the best micronutrient juices and offer specialty organic craft coffee. We believe our natural surroundings are full of superfoods, fuelling our 'Food is Medicine' vision!

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Thank you all for the support you have given to the hospitality humans of Aotearoa New Zealand this year. We appreciate you! One more thing to ask? Call them.


Anyone who may be alone when they don't want to be, whanau overseas who aren't able to connect with others because of Covid (what a dick covid is) restrictions, humans you work with or for who you just have a wee feeling about, ya know? Let's make time to reach out over the next few weeks, at a time that can be so filled with love and calm, but also loneliness and anxiety. Ain't that just the way..


And for you, reading this, I will be checking the instagram account daily, so please, if you'd like a stranger to chat with, send me a hey, and I'll say hey back. 

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