Every business here is ProActive about their role in halting throwaway culture.


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At Lashings we have always encouraged our customers to choose to reuse because change comes through many small acts. Working in hospitality, we are very aware of the waste that a business - even a small one - generates, and making an effort to reduce that waste is important to us and our core philosophies as a business. We all need to choose to make better decisions, not just once but continually, to help create a better planet for future generations to come. We're proud to be a SUC-free business and are grateful to all of our customers who make time to stay, borrow an Again Again cup, or bring their own cups and containers! ~ Jackie, Lashings

Are reusables on at Level 2 & 3?

At Level2 2 & 3, the climate crisis is still real. During the “original” Alert level 3 in May 2020, the Government confirmed that under Alert Levels 3 and 2, businesses are allowed to accept customers' reusable cups and containers and/or operate reusable cup and container schemes, provided food safety risks are managed and all service complies with Alert Level 3 general service requirements. This LINK will take you to the comprehensive information required so both sides of the counter can continue to enjoy reusables, confidently.


But why is this so important? What is this all about though? Reuse is about more than cutting cafe costs, landfill space and reducing resource waste. It's about guiding our society away from harmful throwaway culture towards sustainable practices and attitudes. Once we recognise, through the relatively small act of taking responsibility for our coffee and cake habits, that we are the both the problem AND the solution, we can see more clearly how vital, and easy, it is to consider each other, our one planet home, and all its inhabitants. Start by using your own cup - then move on to other lifestlye choices that can improve and extend life on earth. Little leads quickly and directly to big. That's what this is all about. 

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