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Mon - Sun 7am to 4pm

Proudly pouring Karamu

Coffee, vegetarian & vegan options.

Reusable Bullet cups sold here

We don't serve takeaway cups to stay

Our beans are delivered in returnable containers!

You are welcome to use your own containers to buy whole beans to brew at home.

What is this all about though?

Reuse is about more than cutting cafe costs, landfill space and reducing resource waste. It's about guiding our society away from harmful throwaway culture towards sustainable practices and attitudes. Once we recognise, through the relatively small act of taking responsibility for our coffee and cake habits, that we are the both the problem AND the solution, we can see more clearly how vital, and easy, it is to consider each other, our one planet home, and all its inhabitants. Start by using your own cup - then move on to other lifestlye choices that can improve and extend life on earth. Little leads quickly and directly to big. That's what this is all about. 

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