Going Disposable Cup Free

More and more cafes are doing it. With prior notice, good signage and solutions that are as easy as the existing system, the transition is easy. Search the UYO guide for cafes who have made the move - I can guarantee they will all be keen to share their learning curves, and we are here to help you, support you, praise you and make it work. It just makes sense - economically, ethically, environmentally. And it doesn't have to involve great expense. Just work with your customers and make it the new normal. It's happening. You're not alone. 


One little idea...Do you have a local OpShop? Invite them to sell their mugs in your place? Arrange them in a basket, visible to customers, or hang on hooks on a wall space. Signage so customers know that they are reducing single use AND supporting a good cause - and you get to cut your single use packaging costs. Win, win, win.