Plastic Free July Campaign 2021

What even is this?


UYO is collaborating with Waste Minz and Plastic Free July Aotearoa this year on a campaign initiative that is simple, easy to undertake but with wide reaching impact, to normalise reuse and address throwaway culture.

The #nolovetolitter campaign is about one thumb, collaborative action, that marketing humans can do in just a few minutes and us regular humans can do from the sofa. Here you can find posters and social media stuff that you can take or adapt as your own. 

As part of this, we are asking individuals, brands, companies and organisations to make a social media pledge on and leading up to the 1st of July (and to reiterate throughout the month). Something that your Instagram and Facebook followers can engage with, react to, applaud and be influenced by. This will most likely be something you are already all over, BUT saying it aloud is what we are asking of you here.

The action is NOT posting and sharing images of single use coffee and cold drinks cups on your social media. And the pledge is (and you are free to use your own wording to communicate the intent of the message):

This July, we pledge to give #nolovetolitter

...and tag @plasticfreejulyaotearoa, and so they, and we, and everyone we know, can share and share and share your commitment. 


Why bother?


Changing the glamour status of single use litter, especially branded coffee cups and soft drink cups, is vital if we are to create a climate where the hospitality industry, and their clients, can escape the grip of single use products. The harm that throwaway culture causes our communities, wider society and of course, our environment is something that we can address, together, with amplifying, collaborating and uniting actions like this.

Feel free to get in touch anytime to talk it through, and let me know if you're in so I can add you to the hero list that I will worship all July, and beyond...

P.S. And if you feel extra ambitious, we would love to see (and share) whatever additional steps you'll be taking to reduce your single use impact this July.