Single Use Cup Free September

We are happy as to introduce a month long campaign to rid our streets, landfills and minds of single use coffee cups! 

Here you will find some posters and other resources  to promote #SUCfreeseptember. If your community, cafe, school, workplace would like our help in creating more resources, just say, and we'll make it happen. 

Basically, refuse single use cups all September. Shout about it on your social media if you use it. Share the word. Small steps, getting bigger...

Cafes around Aotearoa are pledging to go free of single-use cups. Workplaces are signing up to encourage staff to BYO mugs for their morning smoko. Community groups and zero waste organisations are putting up their hands to help their local cafes to take part. Individuals and communities are committing to #useourowncup or #maketimetostay


Are you a cafe owner keen to join the SUC-free party? Get in touch, and we'll add you to our list of participating cafes:  

Or have a look at these guides. The first is to help you cut waste and costs, . The second is about going dispoable cup free


Are you a human who'd like to get your favourite local cafe on board? Or part of a community group that would like to support a bunch of local eateries to take part? You could visit your local cafe with some posters, and let them know about SUC-Free September. Find a bunch of handy resources here: 


You might want to know about the alternatives to single-use cups. Find some info about the available reusable cup schemes in NZ here: 

Mug Libraries

Or, wanna start a mug/jar library?! If you're based in Auckland, Wellington or Hawke's Bay, you can get in touch with Mugly, MugCycle or Koha Cups, respectively, who already have systems up and running. Or, if you're somewhere else and want to start up a mug library from scratch, you'll find resources to help you here:


Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at UYO or at TAKEAWAY THROWAWAYS to talk about how we can work together in action and words to create change together, for #SUCfreeseptember, and the future.

A4: For Hospitality ~ Cafes etc

Feel free to display this poster in your cafe, or on your social media (there's more to it than this thumbnail). Reach out to us if you'd like support or advice about any aspect: providing alternatives for customers, how to have the conversations, who else is involved. We are here to support you in all ways. Say hello?

A4: For Humans

Please help yourself to this download and use it as a poster for your workplace or home or school, or car window - or use it as a story on your social media? Click on it? There's more to it than this thumbnail. If you're taking part, tag us in any instagram posts so we can share? Spread the word. Get in touch with any ideas you have? We'll support you. Small steps getting bigger...

A4: One cup or all the cups

Put posters every where. Use all the tricks to wake up those around you to how they can use their powers for good. This #SUCfreeSeptember and forever more.

A4: Workplace Poster ~ It's not 1996

Because it isn't 1996. This September, remind your colleagues how easy it is to do the right thing by each other, by the staff who have to empty the bins, and bu our one shared planet home. And once they get into the habit...keep it going. Set up a mug library? We can help you. Wanna gain some free positive promotion for your workplace or company? UYO has a proactive instagram account with 21k plus followers and a network of collaborators all waiting to promote your workplace (for free) when you tag them in your real cup images or communicate news of the steps you are taking to protect your community, country, shared planet home. 

Guide to going throwaway cup free forever!

Guide to cutting waste and costs - For Hospo

A4: Workplace Poster ~ Trash is for Tossers

Download, print and put up in your office. Or email it around the workplace? It only takes one person to wake up the sleepy heads... Be the person in your workplace that instigates change. Sharing the responsibility for hospitality waste is something that can be of immediate benefit to workplaces and brands, as well as the obvious long-term benefits to our shared environment of breaking free from throwaway culture. We can cut office waste, we can create a sense of unity when undertaking behaviour that in itself shows caring and consideration for others, and all life on earth.  And if you would like ideas of some actions you can take to be a more responsible coffee drinker going forward (tea drinkers are a part of this too. And hot chocolate, smoothies, juices – you get the idea). We have some guides and downloads entitled ‘Customers Making Change’ that are for you, because the hospitality industry cannot make moves away from single use packaging without the support of their customer base, and without the cooperation of the wider community. They rely on us. Only we can set them free!

Instagram Tile

Download or screenshot, help yourself. Tag and/or @takeawaythrowaways when you share and we will adore you and re-share too. Or tag your local cafe? Your council? Your workplace or university to spread the word? In fact, just spam tag the shit out of everyone?

Social Media For #SUCfreeSeptember

If you'd like to post about #SUCfreeseptember, on your IG or FB etc, here's some ideas for content, for cafes, for businesses, for regular humans like the rest of us.

Facebook Banner

Share it. Tag away. Make some noise. It's your world. Why not use your platform to defend it against avoidable single use trash?