Minimising Your Hospo Footprint

The Minimise Waste, Normalise Reuse guide points out some simple moves you can make to reduce your waste, with a focus on single use items. The majority will cost nothing. 

Signage is key to both informing customers and supporting staff, so we've given you heaps of options to inspire you. They are all free to download as PDFs so just click and print. 

A Hospo Guide to Minimise Waste & Normalise Reuse

Setting Up To Loan, Borrow and Swap

A Hospo Guide to Ditching Disposables

A Hospo Intro To #useyourowncupFRIday

A4: We are a UYO cafe

When you have listed with UYO, pop one of these in your window? Sometimes just the smallest reminder is enough to normalise reuse and save waste...

A4: Use Your Own Cup Friday

A4: Clean Cups Preferred

A4: No Double Cupping Here

A4: Use Your Own Cup Friday

A4: We Surcharge

A4: Simple Mug Library Here

A4: Mug Library - For Travellers

A4: Half Priced Brews For Reusables on...

A4: Bring back & donate mugs?

A4: No Disposables on Our Insta

A4: Help Yourself to a Jar

A4: Jars for brews

A4: Beans In Own Containers

DL: We welcome reusables

A4: Reusable Cups Welcome Here

A4: No SUC dine in - Thanks

A4: Straws on request - Here to assist you

A4: Today You Could...

A4: Straws on request - Multiple options

A4: Straws on request - Many Types

A4: SUC surcharge - Donating $

A4: One Cup or Hundreds?

A4: Free tap water for all

A4: Paper napkins are trees

A4: Cloth napkins - Help yourself

A4: All Reusables Welcome Here

A4: Turn off the lights

A4: Going SUC free - From this date

A4: We are SUC free - Options are

A4: We Discount For Reusable Cups

A4: We are SUC free - Ask the staff

A4: We are SUC free - Use the mug library

A4: Black Coffee Discounts - Taste not waste

A4: We are SUC free - But have lidded reusables to loan

A4: Op Shop Mugs - For sale

A4: Plastic & Tetrapak Surcharge

A4: Jars for folks travelling through

Mug Hugger Crochet Tutorial

A4: Alternatives to Single Use - Pale

A4: Borrow Bowls & Cutlery - Locals

A4: Op Shop Bowls & Cutlery - For Koha

A4: You Have Saved

A4: Jar Library - Bring some in?

A4: Borrow Mugs & Jars - Locals

A4: Free Tap Water Here

A4: No SUC dine in - Ceramics instead