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...an absolute gem of a cafe! Not only is their food fresh, delicious and affordable but also they bring the goods when it comes to coffee! They have a pay-it-forward wall, and they do a free pizza night once a month! A real hub of community spirit.
— @warnmegan
Presenting GF salmon roulades πŸ™ŒπŸŸ at The Daily Cafe
Naughty chocolate caramel slice for a Happy Monday, people 🌿❀️ Click the pic for The Daily Facebook?
— @thedailytepuke/
If you don’t have a keep cup, get one! If you forget it, just grab one of the cups we will put out in the basket 😘 Please bring in your spare cups and be a part of this community for our planet solution?
— @thedailycafenz
Proudly plastic straw free at The Daily, Te Puke, and if you want to be plastic straw free wherever you roam, they have these Caliwoods steel straws for your reuse revolutionary kit!
These colourful little pear and sticky date creations are πŸ’• super cute and super yum and gluten free πŸ™Œ Click the pic to connect with The Daily Instagram?
— @thedailycafenz
No caption required...
The daily stack is.. Roast chicken and chipotle mayo on a sweet potato and prawn cake Sooo gooood πŸ™Œ Click the pic for our Instagram and The Daily news....
— @thedailycafenz
Little berry cheese cake shots to tempt your daily sweet cravings πŸ‘Œ Click the pic to learn about The Daily
— www. thedailycafe.co.nz
Here we are at The Daily Cafe. Te Puke, Papamoa Beach
— www.thedailycafe.co.nz
The Daily people want to help us reduce single use waste, so will refill our water flask, for free, even if we aren’t customers. Magic.
— @uyoc.nz
Each Monday we will give you the lunch order menu for the week. It is $15 and contains one savoury and one sweet item. We deliver it on a Wednesday between 10am-11.30am - (to your door if local, at a charge if out of zone)
— @thedailycafenz