Should We Take Away Throw-aways?

By Humans of Instagram
Priority def to end single use culture! Would be happy with no throw away cups available & think it should be that way. What do we do with the current stash of throwaway cups tho Laura? I’ve heard of people making changes & dumping big loads of brand new single use product at the tip ~ @colettecherie.ceramics

The current stash? Donate to nurseries for seedling growth? Take them to We Compost (if applicable) for composting? Or yes, send them to landfill. Because they’re going there anyway...but don’t make anymore  ~
We coped when single use plastic bags went, we will cope when other single use items go. As a kid no one walked around with takeaway coffees. It still mystifies my father in law why people need coffee that bad. In less than a generation what was unusual has become normal. If we as a society change that quickly one way surely we make the change back the other way. Take it away and we will have to cope and learn other ways of doing things. Hope that helps. Rach ~ @zanesmum
Absolutely, absolutely yes. End single use items. Especially coffee cups. And if you forgot your reusable cup, tough shit. Buy one at the cafe, or use one of their ones (eg. Glass jar) or simply no coffee for you. Why do people find this so tough? Our planet is literally on fire. Something big has to happen. ~ @phoebeisoninstagram
I think I a lot of people are all about convenience...As far as the disability community- im a speech therapist. I currently work with kids but we are trained to work with both kids and adults. We’re also the health professionals invoked with swallowing disorders (some people know, some don’t). There are sometimes cases where we have to recommend a modified diet for people whose swallow is unsafe or puts them at risk. This can involve thickening their fluids or asking them to drink from a straw for more control.

Surely we can (as a collective) design a lid that goes on top of cups (whatever cups they are, say those that cafes have for dining in) - that have modified straws or spouts or ways to help those who need that. Or designing dine-in cups that have wider handles or grips on them too. There isn’t usually a lot of options for these members of our community- be it from stroke or born disability. But everyone is part of our community. ~
I genuinely feel like there are so many reusable options available now that you literally have no excuse not to UYOC or container. Everyone should know what they need to suit their individual needs, go out and make the purchase, and COMMIT to using it with no excuses. ~ @bitchfest_at _tiffanys
I think about this kinda stuff all the time, because I’m all about being eco friendly but also about convenience. I love my reusable cup! I use it whenever I get a hot drink out (be it coffee or hit chocolate), but I kinda understand how it can be difficult to bring it with you every day for some people. So idk how to fix that kind of problem for individuals. But I love cafes that allow you to use one of their reusable ones then take it back to be reused again. I’m at Otago Uni, and it’s amazing that every cafe is doing it! Every little bit counts! The problem is people are resistant to change, especially change that they can’t see a benefit in. Which is super annoying ~ @wellness.with.georgia
I had a moment of hating myself today. Was at the mall and I had told myself this year was the year I would completely ditch single use. And I fuccccckinh forgot my keep cup. I was so mad at myself! I know that I won’t do that again as I’ll keep it in my car (don’t use a hand bag 🤷🏻‍♀️). But I totally think it’s doable ditching single use nationwide... so long as cafes get onboard with the loan cup idea. I love that basket of op shop cups idea. I think hardest sell would be mall cafes right? Like coffee clubs, muffin breaks etc. people want to shop and sip, they’d need to be able to shop and sip with a lid.... is a lid doable for people who have forgotten their keep cup (or don’t own one?) I tell you what though - just like a heap of people would have thought byo supermarket bags was niggly, they all do it now!! So they’d soon get used to byo coffee cup!! ~ @sarafairbrother
I think getting rid of single use cups altogether is a great idea, hard but worth it. I love the idea of repurposing jars into cups and glasses, if cafes reused all their jars as cups and let customers take them and either return them to the original cafe or even to a completely different one ~ @mcdowellsilva
1. Would be VERY happy!
2. Mug library, travelling mug (leave at the next cafe), create a mug ie jars and craft items to make one, buy a mug /free or cheap coffee to fill it
3. Have different shapes to cater for wheel chairs etc, but most of all.... Talk to them and see what THEY recommend
4. Yes I would if no single use was available, it only takes a small amount of thought
5. Priorities - to change just one habit per person in terms of single use items ~ @the_nodnols
  1. No keep cup, no coffee. Else take 5 mins and enjoy the coffee in.
  2. Cafes stop posting on thier social media with their customers drinking from takeaway cups. e.g. L***D*g today posted a child with one. Why?
  3. Not relevant but my 74 year old mum now has a keep cup in her car, no single use for her anymore ~ @ondrea_mary
I enforced my own rule that if I didn’t have a reusable cup I couldn’t buy a coffee. Having then forgot my cup multiple times and done without, I started remembering it more and more. If I don’t have it, then no takeaway drink. Why should I think the luxury of my takeaway drink is more important than the consequences of reusables going to landfill.  I love the alternative of cafes having a selection of donated cups to use too. 
Or the rent a cup idea is awesome too ~ @petitfilula
No single use would be great. Could do a ‘rent’ system for cups/containers. Have boomerang containers like we have boomerang bags ~ @amysviewfromthenest
I love this, and am pretty opinionated when it comes to reducing waste and helping papatuanuku. I would be more than proud to live in New Zealand if all single use cups/utensils/containers/bags and any other items of unnecessary and environmentally harmful nature were banned from being in New Zealand. I believe that the @againagainco have something good going, and that they could be translated into all forms of common single use conveniences. For ensuring the disabled community is looked after in all situations, I believe a special form of cup lid/straw can easily be designed, and an anonymous, scannable tag can be sent to disabled members of the community that all vendors of food accept and relay with kindness and understanding. I would definitely still drink takeaway coffee, and I think the opportunity for consumers to design their own cups could really be interesting. My priorities are waste management and reduction, carbon neutral living, education and caring for animals by supporting them and not consuming them. The end of single use culture would be a bonus to me, as not everyone can afford the fancy reusable containers (even though mine are $6 from kmart) as the knowledge and skills haven't yet been transcribed into every day societal living.Furthermore, I believe the amount of poverty within New Zealand is undeniably our biggest issue, and to go forth with cutting our waste we must support, educate, feed and home our whanau who are unable to make environmental choices as they are only just scraping by. The government and supermarkets must take into consideration how difficult povertised families would find it to move out of a routine that they are only just managing to live by, and therefore needs to take into account the Māori and Pacific island communities ways of reducing waste to help translate more easily into povertised communities without the feeling of corruption and unempathised government propaganda. Best of luck with your surveys, and I love!!! You've helped me move forward with all aspects of my zero waste lifestyle goals, and I'm happy to say I haven't used any for of single use plastic packaging in well over a year! Xxx ~ @sas.84yu