Being Single Use Free!

By Mell Anderson
We have been single use free at Cartel HQ since August 2019. It's really sparked up conversations with our customers when we were transitioning, 95% of people we so supportive and positive - who would think it was a bad move right!
We are super passionate about being the first in Hawkes Bay and my drive is helping other business make it work, by sharing experience from the cafe and customers perspectives. We are learning as we go - and it's not even that hard! 

It's a feel good factor when we think we have approximately saved 12000 cups going to land fill in our short time doing it!

We have saved around 4.5k in the last 6 months obviously we invested back into our boomerang cups but it's a saving and space saving also.

Our customer are incredible, we have also supplied a local government agency with 480 cups so each of there staff now have their own cups! They are waste free, movements like this encourage smaller businesses and the public to make it the new normal.