Takeaway Cups + Responsible Influencing With @lovewelly

By Tom
We were so incredibly excited for day one of level 3. Finally, a lifeline for hospitality! We love our hospitality family with all our heart, and we wanted to support them as much as we can during this difficult time.
But, just hours into day one, and our social feeds were being flooded with images of single-use coffee cups. It was a disappointing turnaround from pre-lockdown, when we were just reaching a tipping-point with reusable cups: reuse was in; responsible influencing was in; the environment was number one; and no one wanted to be seen promoting single-use.
Just a month later and single-use has bounced back, big time. Everyone is looking to satisfy their caffeine fix. And despite feeling conflicted – as we so badly want to support our local cafés – we simply cannot get behind single-use. That includes when times get tough. If necessary, it will mean forgoing our long blacks and flat whites and making our own coffee from locally-roasted beans. But, please, it doesn’t have to be that way! Single-use might happen to be the easiest way to achieve safe pickup during level 3, but it’s not the only way. Reuse can still be safe and responsible.
Cafés who are serious about the environment and the impact of single-use have already shown their commitment to safe reusable systems such as Again Again and Cup Cycling. Others have adopted the BYO cup strategy we’re favouring:
1.       Order your coffee online or on an app;
2.       When you arrive, place your clean reusable cup onto a tray (hold onto your own lid, if you have one);
3.       Step back;
4.       Watch the barista pour your coffee into your cup (without touching it);
5.       The barista will step back;
6.       Step forward, grab your coffee, smile, go on your way!
It’s not that different to arriving for pickup in a takeaway cup. It’s still largely contactless and safe.
Local Wellington favourite, Milk Crate Café, is one of the companies backing this approach. And they know all about COVID-19 implications, having been tarnished by the thoughtless actions of one traveller before lockdown. If, despite everything they’ve been through, they can still get behind a safe reusable system, anyone should be able to.
More than ever, we’re calling for #responsibleinfluencing. Let’s not allow single-use to dominate our feeds, or re-establish itself as the norm. Let’s look beyond the pandemic to the broader picture, and think about how we would like society to be re-built in the coming months.
We’re asking you to please share the above strategies, rather than simply reverting to what’s easy. To avoid using and posting images of single-use cups. If we can be both safe and environmentally conscious consumers (and we strongly believe that we can), then please let’s make that happen.