Drifter Coffee Date With Kate

By Ethically Kate
Drifter Coffee is like a warm hug.
Although I cannot comment on the strength of the coffee because I'm an almond chai latte kinda gal, the authentic and earth-loving vibes are strong enough to soak into anyone that walks into the place. In fact, the vibes are so strong that I don't doubt that when their regular customers next upgrade their lounge suite, they will unconsciously head to the thrift store and buy something beautifully second hand, instead of flipping Kmart.

This is more than a coffee shop.

A glorious stand of reusable mugs greets you on arrival, and the lovely people of Drifter Coffee come next. They talk to you like you're a friend from way back - even though I know the team fairly well, I have observed this with all other customers too. It's not just me: promise.
At Driffer Coffee you'll find a vintage windsurfer on the ceiling. You can marvel at the vintage ornaments, pat the dogs, or BYO dog too.

The tables are made from recycled bits and bobs rescued from Raglan's Xtreme Zero Waste Centre, and with an opshop across the road and second hand furniture store around the corner, the place is filled with character that evolves.
While I sat, in my soaked linen dress (a poor but classy choice for biking in the rain), I thought about what makes a GOOD cafe.

Is it their coffee? Is it what they do with their waste? Is it how they treat their people? Is it how they converse with customers?

Drifter Coffee's beans are from Raglan Roast, they welcome humans, animals and reusables of all shapes and sizes, and with their portable caravan they drift through markets and event spaces; spreading the message of GOOD coffee, GOOD people... GOOD-ness.

I'm a proud local to Drifter Coffee, and if you are ever passing through Orewa or looking for a new local coffee shop, make sure you stop by and give Drifter Coffee a hug from me.