Before You Spend Big...

By Leo Murray: Why Waste NZ
Leo from Why Waste demonstrates how to make a simple three-bay compost bin thats super low cost from mostly waste materials.

This ten minute instructional video was made in Partnership with UYO, and covers the Why, the How, and What composting is all about. UYO (Use Your Own) has established a network of NZ cafes that actively encourage reusables over single use items. They support interaction and engagement between local business and the wider community. Integrating worm farming and composting systems into local cafes are part of their vision to achieve a more sustainable world.

This design is an affordable alternative for community groups, gardens, schools or homes who may be considering buying other expensive options. The three bay system allows us to scale up the amount of material we can compost and accelerate the composting process. The total cost to the one we built in the video wouldn't be more than $50 (this is including the gas we burned to collect the materials + some of the stakes we bought new, most were scavenged).

Materials: 7x Pallets for walls 3x Pallets for front doors 14x Stakes (these can be wooden, or you could screw or lash the walls together for super low cost).

Up to a half of what we are throwing away in landfill is biodegradable. Making compost closes the loop, reduces waste and builds soil. It is a simple action we can take to be better gardeners, guardians and kaitiaki of our planet. The aim of this video is to support interaction and engagement between local business and the wider community to set up effective, yet decentralised solutions by working together. Having compost systems set up around town that local businesses can ‘feed’ into removes the need for corporate waste infrastructure and reduces the cost of waste minimisation. The 'soil making sites' can then be managed through networks such as,

The platform connects 'Soil Makers' (individuals who compost) with 'Soil Supporters' (who contribute their food scraps), and helps them to communicate with each other on a planet-saving scale, with the goal to get a 'Soil Site' (compost pile) on every block in the world within the next 10 years.

Why Waste is a New Zealand company that rents and manages worm farms transforming food waste into soil and reducing landfill waste by up to half. offer this video in the hope that waste producers will consider this idea before engaging us in our other solutions to biodegradable waste. Also, the issue of biodegradable waste to landfill producing methane to the atmosphere is a global issue - we can't be present to help everyone hands on!


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