Dear Air New Zealand...

By Frustrated Tidy Kiwis

Dear Air New Zealand,

Firstly, congrats on being named Airline of the Year 2020! We’re stoked for you, and appreciate all you do to help us discover the wonders of the world.

With this win in mind, we think this is the perfect time for Air New Zealand to become leaders in waste reduction. You’ve already made commitments to reducing your waste, we are thrilled with your trial of twiice edible cups, but every day you don’t make further changes, you send unwanted and harmful waste to our landfills. 

When we are handed single use plastic water and coffee cups by your smiling staff, we feel let down by an airline we adore.

We want you to know that we, the people of New Zealand, are ready to embrace reusables when flying domestically.

Please would you consider removing ALL single use hot and cold cups on domestic flights? No matter what they are made from, single use cups are not okay; especially as so many brilliant alternatives are available today.

We’re hopeful you are already working on this, but here are some ideas to make this happen.

  1. Run a campaign encouraging Kiwis to take responsibility and use their own cups on board. 

  2. Provide us with lightweight reusable cups for the journey, and we’ll drop them into a cup bin as we leave the plane (just like we used to do with headphones!).

  3. Collaborate with existing cup swap systems who have collection points at all domestic airports. We’ll drop them into cup bins as we leave the plane too- this way, you don’t have to do the cleaning and sorting.

These options are just a few of the ways you could easily switch to reusables, without extra weight limits, burdens, or hassle. We promise that as consumers, we’ll do our part to adhere to your new reusable systems. 

Air New Zealand, please imagine this: Visitors arrive in New Zealand, jump on their first domestic flight, and instantly understand that reusables are the cultural norm here. Bliss! 

We know logistics can be tough, but there are so many airport cafes who either offer discounts to customers who choose to reuse, or partner with services who give us the option to borrow a cup. See? You have support from hospitality on the ground already!

Let’s work as a team, to show the world how truly clean and green we are. As New Zealand’s favourite airline, we’re relying on you to walk the walk.

We hope you celebrate your win well this year. You deserve it! But we also hope you listen to us; the frustrated tidy kiwis who are standing at our boarding gates asking you to do better.

We believe in you. We know you’ve got this!