What To Do In Aotearoa If A Cafe Isn't Accepting Reusables

By Ethically Kate
So, you've just walked to your local cafe with your reusable cup. You have a mask on, because you respect and care for your community, and you have kept a minimum distance of 2 metres from everyone you've passed. You legend.

HOWEVER... You've just explained to the cafe that you have your own cup, and that you'd like (so very much) for them to pour your delicious choice of beverage (I hope it's an almond chai latte) into it.

They said "no".

Do not despair! Here are your options:

1. Smile, nod, and then take a short walk to a cafe who will happily accept your reusable cup (find some groovy options here).

2. If the cafe isn't busy, show them this contactless pour video (safe, hygenic, government approved!) or explain how it works. Remember, this is safe and within the official COVID-19 guidelines.

3. Message UYO on Instagram. UYO will super kindly and gently send them info they may need to feel secure and empowered to work their ethics - and ultimately pour you a contactless brew next time!

4. Go home, put something else in your reusable cup, and write a note to remind yourself that you owe YOU a takeaway brew in the future. Consider purchasing an SOS voucher so you can support your lovely local now, and redeem the voucher later.
Me, drinking tea in my cosy home.
Me, drinking tea in my cosy home.
In Aotearoa New Zealand, we choose to reuse. Although most cafes are accepting reusables and continue to offer contactless and safe reuse schemes, some cafes are still to set up the processes. Be kind, help them through it, and use this moment as a way to identify your voice and your values.