What Is The TakeAway ThrowAways Campaign?

By Laura UYO
Takeaway Throwaways (TATA) is a campaign calling on the Govt to ban single-use disposable service-ware and mandate accessible, reusable alternatives instead. The campaign features a petition and a vibrant social media presence, alongside resources to support individuals, businesses and events to create a culture of reuse. 
We use the TATA campaign to instigate behaviour change, rather than solely relying on the Government response to the petition. We focus on collaboration with any industry, community and individual who may be impacted by or interested in any area that our campaign addresses, to advise strategies for change that can be implemented now. Today. Human to human.
We use social media, not solely, or even primarily to spread word of the petition, but to collaborate with those fluent in that space to develop the climate, culture and normalisation of reuse. These collaborations include our #takeawaythrowaways hashtag, but also real life collaborations shared online, such as our guidelines and films about how to use reusables during Alert Levels 2 and 3. Human to human. 
The TATA campaign is hosted by the Greenpeace TOKO platform. We use a petition campaign, a tool of our democracy that is available to all, to instigate practical collaboration and communication, encouraging and informing others about current pathways to support their independent missions that align with the TATA goals. Human to human.
Researching for the campaign has gifted us connections overseas, including participation in international working groups to develop policies to promote reusables and a global reusables hygiene standards protocol for events. This sharing of information within a diverse network of counterparts has been vital, not only for sharing of ideas and information regarding strategies and legislation, but in providing the human needs that ultimately sustain the individuals behind every grassroots campaign: the 3am calls, the comparisons of frustrations, the camaraderie and encouragement, the eye rolls of disbelief, the shoulder shrugs of temporary hopelessness and the delights of celebrating a win that occurs on anyone’s pathway.
The TATA campaign has become more than the words of the petition and is now, for its human accessories, a driving force rather than a destination. 


Greenpeace USA have just released an excellent report called "Reusables are Doable". The report:
  • explores reuse systems for packaging & serviceware that already exist all around the world & are continuing to grow, even in our COVID-19 world
  • discusses the science around sanitisation & that reusables can be just as safe, if not safer, even during a pandemic. And calls out the fossil fuels & plastics industry for fear-mongering & trying to paint reusables as unhygienic to boost their single-use products
  • describes the new opportunities for food service & retail that reuse systems can offer, including more jobs & the promise of a Just Recovery
  • reminds us that we still need to eliminate single-use plastics (timely for NZ, with this Govt proposal that's currently out for consultation - more on that soon, our resources to help you make submissions are in the pipeline...)
  • Aaaand... Takeaway Throwaways even gets a mention in the report for their Guidelines for Reusables during Alert Levels 2 & 3!