Use Your Own Cup Day

By Kate Hall

If you think the 11th of December is just another Wednesday… think again. It’s Use Your Own Cup day and it’s going to be BIG.

Use Your Own Cup day is a celebration for those who choose to respect the planet and their peers by reusing a mug rather than opting for a disposable coffee cup that, well, majorly sucks.

Disposable coffee cups are bullying our beautiful Aotearoa, wasting precious finite resources, and teaching us that our waste goes away.

There is no away!

On the 11th of December, New Zealanders nationwide will be saying a big “no thanks” to using single-use cups that fulfill their purpose for only minutes before creating nasty waste, that we simply don’t need.

Individuals, businesses, and community groups are coming together for a day that celebrates waste free habits and the brilliant vessels we can use over and over again!

“I’m almost too excited about a day dedicated to saluting the reuser - a day of amnesty for the cup chucker - a day to buddy up and break up with an old-news habit - a day where we show the baristas of Aoteroa some real love by drinking their real coffee from real cups!“

- Laura Cope, Founder of UYO.

Are you in? On the 11th of December, take a picture USING YOUR OWN CUP, tag and hashtag #uyocupday

To make things EVEN BETTER, on the 11th of December, cafes nationwide are celebrating by offering reusable-users discounts and benefits!

Browse the cafes to see if your local is on board here.

Want to know what the press are saying about it? Check out Focus Mag and Wanaka Sun, listen out at 7:30am on More FM National Radio, and 8:07am on Rodney More FM.