By Martin Allan, Handcrafted Food
It's 2021 and the evidence of destruction throughout the world caused by plastic pollution is unquestionable. But here we are, still producing and using millions on tons of single use plastic each year. In 2016, 335 million metric tons of plastic were produced and at least half of it was for single use!

These figures are so big its hard to really believe. We have simple solutions available and yet, why are the majority not using them? Why wont people bring their own cup? Why wont they bring their own plate! Why would a business still choose to use a single use plastic box over a compostable paper one? I want to get to the bottom of these questions and find some solutions.

Handcrafted Food are partnering with you New Zealand, on a mission to go single use plastic free. Together we can find solutions and innovate our way to a more sustainable culture.

We want to work with business’, households, local councils and national government to make the shift we need to create a sustainable future for our forests and oceans.

Do not wait to be forced to do later what you know is the right thing to do now.

New Zealand, we are asking for your help. We want you to help us raise awareness about this issue and put pressure on business’ who continue to choose plastic over a more sustainable solution. Tag them up with the hashtag #loveyourproductnotyourpackaging.  Talk to them about why they choose plastic over more sustainable solutions. Tell them how you feel!

For me, it’s my local sushi shop. I absolutely love the sushi they make, but every single time its a plastic box. I just cant do it ! Why can’t I bring my own box? Why can’t they put the sushi in compostable packaging? I want to work with these business’ and find solutions.

For me, it is unacceptable for business owners to act irresponsibly in regards to the environment. This is 2021. Get with the program, or get left behind.

Handcrafted Food will offer our business consultancy service for free to any business looking to make the shift to a more sustainable form of packaging. If your worried about the increase in costs or how you will pay for it, call us and we will help! Handcrafted Food specialize in consulting business’, we know how to help you grow, and stream line the costs! We will find a way to enable you to cut the plastic out of your business as much as possible, and find cost effective solutions that work for the planet! Your customers are gonna love you too! Research has shown customers are willing to pay more for services and business' who choose to do the right thing in regards to the environment.

So go green and grow your business, or stand in the way of progress, be part of the problem and get left behind. You decide.


I feel really passionate about this. I suppose I just don’t like the way we have become so stuck in our ways and so difficult to adapt. We know that plastic is not the best way, yet we blindly continue to use it out of convenience and habit. There are solutions!! Lets use them!

Lets be role models to the world to show that together we can change out ways. As a household, as a town, a city, a nation and a global population. Together we can change our ways but first it has to be in our awareness. So that’s all I really wanna do, bring this issue into everyday awareness and watch the change that it inspires.

Home composting

I cant encourage people enough to do this. I learned how to compost from an amazing guy Leo Murray, from a video he did on his “Why Waste?” page. It was super easy to learn and it has changed my life as far as waste goes. Since I have started composting, I have turned hundreds of kilograms of food waste, garden waste and cardboard , into nutrient rich soil which I use to fertilize my garden. Compost waste, create great soil, use soil to grow food…. A perfect cycle of life.

In 2021, partnering with companies who hold the same ethics and values is important. I will take a stand and say I do not want to support companies who don’t want to do their bit.

It is unacceptable for business owners to act irresponsibly in regards to the environment. This is 2021. Get with the program. If it isn’t in the “able to be sustainable box”, it isn’t a service or a product that we offer! We stand proud by that.