Why Being Single Use Cup Free from day 1 is DOPE

By Sîan and Sean - Q & A
Why was operating single use cup free from day 1 important to you? Was it always in your mind? When you first had the DOPE idea?
The long and short is that it’s important to us to reduce waste. After doing research into bio-plastic and coffee cup options, we quickly realised that there is a lot of green washing involved. We decided that it would be easier and more manageable if we went single use bio-plastic and coffee cup free from day one, so people would know right from the beginning that this is what we stand for. 
What has customer response been to you throwaway cup free status? How do you handle surprise/negativity/reluctance?
The response so far has been very positive from customers. We really haven’t had any negative responses. I think it helps that we approach it in a really positive way and give multiple options, so that customers feel like they have more than one cup choice.
What 3 pieces of advice would you give other vendors about making the change? And anything especially for coffee trucks etc?
Ditching takeaway coffee cups isn’t as hard/difficult/scary as it might initially sound. Don’t be scared just to go for it.
Have multiple options for coffee drinker vessels, we offer glass jars, metal returnr cups (customers have to return these), mugs so they can drink their coffee on site and also we have a retailer that sells keep cups right behind our trailer spot. We do try to encourage keep cup use as much as possible. 
You don’t have to compromise on aesthetic! The coffee in jars look even better than coffee in take-away cups.
If our Government were to undertake a phase out and ban of single use coffee cups, how do you think that would impact the hospo industry, overall?
Did banning plastic bags stop people from going to the supermarket? People learn to adapt pretty quickly when change occurs!
Do you find more people borrow from you or bring their own?
More people bring their own ‘keep cup’, which is great! That could have something to do with our location though. 
What are the benefits for you as a business, and as a human, of being throwaway cup free?

We don’t spend money on the jars for smoothies and coffee! They are just labour intensive to de-label. People are becoming more environmentally savvy, so it is also a great selling point for our business. Reducing waste aligns with our personal values and makes us feel fulfilled. 
Bonus Q - You are both vegan. Do you see a connection between veganism and reducing single use waste?
Yes, there is definitely a connection between reducing waste and Veganism. Veganism encompasses three major key factors; animal welfare,  health and environmental awareness. Reducing waste aligns with the environmental aspect of why we are vegan. 
You can find Sian and Sean and the glorious DOPE at 2 Forresters Lane, Te Aro, Wellington. And you can click HERE to read more about what they offer for your tummy and tastebuds and world....