Single Use Free at Governors Bay

By Eric Devos, Owner operator
The Sign of the Kiwi banned take away cups 3 years ago. It was a difficult decision to make as we were not sure if it it would affect the takings. 3 years later it had no impact at all on the coffee sales.

What has customer response been to you throwaway cup free status?
Customers think it is a great idea to not have them. We offer them the choice of a mug from our mug wall but the majority of them will have them in a normal cup (to stay) so no issue there.
If our Government were to undertake a phase out and ban of single use coffee cups, how do you think that would impact the hospo industry, overall?

If the government decide to ban single use it will not be a problem; people adapt to new situations quite well especially here in NZ. A good example is plastic bags in supermarkets.

What are the benefits for you as a business, and as a human, of being throwaway cup free?

The benefits for us not having take away cups are less rubbish at the end of the week, (we are situated on top of the port hills in the middle of the bush), people talk about us more, we are doing our bit to improve the rubbish situation in NZ. 

What 3 pieces of advice would you give other vendors about making the change?

Advice I would give in 3 words? JUST DO IT 

You can find Sign of The Kiwi at 1700 Summit Rd, Governors Bay 8971, New Zealand