Sweet Release ~ Single Use Cup Free

By Kris Bartley
Why is operating single use cup free important to you?

It's important to us because it was one of the ways for us to walk the talk of our sustainability values. 

What has customer response been to your throwaway cup free status? 

Really great as most of our customer base were already vegan for the environment. We handled the negative reactions by giving them an alternative option via our mug library.

If our Government were to undertake a phase out and ban of single use coffee cups, how do you think that would hospo industry, overall?

People would get used to it. Owning a reusable cup is more common today than before. And everyone would have to comply so no one would be at disadvantage by not having the perceived convenience of a single use cup.
Do you find more people borrow from you (if you have a loan system in place), make time to stay or bring their own? 

More people often decide to stay in and treat themselves to relaxing with their coffee instead of drinking and walking.

What are the benefits for you as a business, and as a human, of being throwaway cup free?

Feels great knowing it is one thing that we do not take part in. It has attracted potential staff who have similar values.
What 3 pieces of advice would you give other vendors about making the change?

1. Talk to your team. Get their input
2. Talk to your regulars. Get their input.
3. You don't have to do it overnight or throw away the cups you have now. Make a plan and make it happen