The Why

By Laura UYO
We only get one planet and it is privilege to live in such a beautiful part of it. Minimising single use waste is just one part of what we do as people in our everyday lives as well in business to operate sustainably. As a take away coffee bar most of our customers come in to take coffee and it is a hard slog getting everyone to reuse, we are seeing a change but it is slow.  Customers who live and breathe sustainability values are a joy to serve. When those customers come in with their own cup our Barista’s do a happy dance.
@jamesmazey 📸
@jamesmazey 📸
We have increased our keep cup discount to 50 cents – this is significantly more than what takeaway coffee cups cost us, but it is part of our commitment to try everything we can to encourage our customers to bring in keep cups.
What are we proud about? In just 12 months we have shifted all of our local wholesale customers to reusable buckets for their coffee, increased our keep cup offering, discontinued using double walled non eco cups, offering a high end luxury disposable cup isn’t inline with our reuse values – if you don’t want to burn your fingers bring in your keep cup 😊. We recycle our coffee grounds and husks and all of our coffee sacks are recycled by us or customers who come in to collect them. We have moved away from plastic retail bags and encourage customers to bring in their own container for coffee beans.
That is just the last 12 months – we are evolving all the time, everyone at Strictly has a sustainability project that they are personally responsible for, so watch this space as we evolve and challenge the way we do things every day!