Revive Festival

By Jasmin Johnson
I knew there was something so special about Revive when I first heard about it, and chatted to Jock and Sam last year. I didn't know what yet, because it was a brand new festival, but I was so right. The 3 days at Revive 2021 were full of so much CONNECTION, love, fun, and just being. I learnt so much about myself and was opened to a whole new appreciation of how little i really needed to feel HAPPY and LIVE.
As an earth lover, sustainability is so so important to me (I'm not perfect but always learning and trying to do better!) It's something that impacts decisions I make every day, I care about our planet SO much, and so it feels so fitting that this year Revive is taking steps to be a zero waste event. Revive is so much about connecting to the earth and those around us, AND ourselves, so it feels right that we're protecting the land at the same time.
I can't wait to see everyone's reusables at the food trucks and to cheers a keep-cup morning iced chai before a day of wellness and music and dancing and everything Revive is going to bring again in 2022. By supporting zero waste events, and helping them to grow, we're setting the scene and the expectation on other events around the country that waste ain't cool... especially in the volumes we see it at big fairs and festivals 😥

Here's to Revive!! See you there! ❤️