Throwaway Free At Mussel Inn

By Jane
Why is operating single use cup free important to you? 

There are so many cups in the world already, there is absolutely no need to create throwaway ones.

What has customer response been to your throwaway cup free status? 

Generally supportive and people are happy to buy a reusable souvenir cup, or stop and have the coffee here. Occasionally people roll their eyes and walk off! (They have to drive 15 mins to get to the next coffee stop)

How do you handle surprise/negativity/reluctance?

We take it as an opportunity to ‘enlighten’ people a little. Most people know perfectly well bet are simply lazy!
If our Government were to undertake a phase out and ban of single use coffee cups, how do you think that would hospo industry, overall? 

I think it’d be great – some coffee vendors would be angry but they need to get to grips with the state of the world and understanding that every journey begins with a small step and they need to get on their way.

Do you think that the implementation of government supported and funded, scalable alternatives is a necessary action to accompany a ban? 

Government funding/subsidy/loan would help validate the idea. Many workplaces could have cups available for their workers. Some coffee carts may have to install a cup washing facility, so may need support with that.

Do you find more people borrow from you (if you have a loan system in place), make time to stay or bring their own? 

People make time to stay. Previously at least half the people who bought a takeaway seemed to get distracted and end up staying anyway, which was very frustrating for us.
Have you sold more reusable cups (if you retail them) since becoming single use cup free? 

We sold a few takeaway cups as souvenirs while we still had throwaways but we sell significantly more now. Our cups are just $12 with a ’free’ coffee, so we’re trying to make it an attractive option.

What are the benefits for you as a business, and as a human, of being throwaway cup free? 

It’s an easy way to begin a conversation with customers about ‘green’ ideas. We don’t have to feel guilty about the whole manufacturing process of disposable cups and sending a stream of trash out into the world. It encourages us all to remember to have our reusable cups at hand because we don’t want to be hypocritical

How do your staff feel about being single use cup free? 

Very supportive. They would be disappointed if we sold throwaways.

What 3 pieces of advice would you give other vendors about making the change?

Do it!

Offer a good incentive to purchase a reusable cup.

If you’re worried about losing business, think laterally – offer to deliver to workplaces, sell take home beans, etc, etc