Throwaway Cup Free At Taste Nature

By Clinton Chambers
Why is operating single use cup free important to you? 

It’s a no brainer, we should be asking ourselves “Why do we continue to pollute our planet with narrow mindedness and ignorance?”. It’s just pure laziness; why we don’t change our habits.

What are the benefits for you as a business, and as a human, of being throwaway cup free? 

I don’t see it as a benefit, how can you reduce something so catastrophic as filling landfills as something to benefit from? These are acts of crime against our environment, humans should be penalised for encouraging such actions. We all need to change, change is hard, change is painful for many but it has to be done. There are no ‘benefits’ to our business we only see any actions we take are benefits to our planet and humanity.
What has customer response been to your throwaway cup free status? How do you handle surprise/negativity/reluctance? 

If people don’t get what we do and why we do it then they aren’t our customers, they can protest or complain as much as they like, but it won’t change anything, they still don’t get a takeaway cup. Overall people are good and understanding, maybe slightly annoyed but they get over it.
If our Government were to undertake a phase out and ban of single use coffee cups, how do you think that would hospo industry, overall? 

They need to get over it and grow up, the government isn’t acting fast enough, things need to change now and we will only get mass change when the government enforces these changes and we all have to change together rather than only the few who are brave enough to make the change.

Do you think that the implementation of government supported and funded, scalable alternatives is a necessary action to accompany a ban? 

In certain areas perhaps, funding and support for not for profit groups who are doing great things but may not be able to afford the transition especially around waste free events. Some community groups are the best advocates for change and if they can get support for this at the grass roots level then I am in support of government funded initiatives.
Do you find more people borrow from you (if you have a loan system in place), make time to stay or bring their own? 

Yes, yes and yes - we have donated dozens of mugs to people as a loan system but they never bring them back which is fine, people are choosing to stay for a coffee and more and more people are bringing their own.

What 3 pieces of advice would you give other vendors about making the change?

1. Be brave, change is coming whether you like it or not
2. Embrace change
3. Be a part of the solution not the problem