Milk On Tap

By Blair - Homebrew
Why? Why did you decide to cut a hole in your work bench instead of continuing to use mainstream milk delivery methods? Was it the milk/dairy/support local/support small dairy side of things that attracted you to Kaipaki or more the delivery system, removing the need to purchase plastic bottles?

Cutting a hole in our bench for the best quality milk supplied in a sustainable format…that’s a no brainer for us here at Homebrew. In fact…move out of my way Kaipaki, let me cut that hole for you haha...

For us the why is simply quality. These guys at Kaipaki deliver the freshest milk you can literally get your hands on. The fact that they also operate a sustainable business model that cuts tens of thousands of bottles out of our operation was like winning the lottery! We love the small business nature of how Kaipaki operates and want to get behind their vision.
How is it going in regards to workflow, cleaning etc? Has this introduced any significant extra work load for your staff? How do your crew feel about it?

The clean up process does take a little getting use too, however, once the team have shut the system for a complete week it becomes pretty second nature. If anything it speeds up workflow while on shift. Just hit the tap and you have fresh milk at the ready to go under the steam wands.

What are the benefits or impacts upon you and your business? Economically, ethically, environmentally, even 'spiritually'? How do you feel about your decision, in your heart, as well as being a business owner?

At Homebrew we set out to do good business the right us this means being conscious about our impact on the planet in terms of waste. Therefore, when a innovative solution like a reusable milk supply becomes available we jump at the opportunity. Sure, there may be an additional cost to our business to support the “small local guys” but this is quickly overlooked by the good you can achieve in reducing your overall waste. 
What would you say to cafes who are thinking about swapping out plastic milk cartons for a bench top system, or for working with a local dairy?

Just do it! After you have pushed through the teething of a new system like this you’ll love it! The quality is there, the speed is there and your plants will love you for it.

If you don’t do it for any of those reasons, then do it because it’s just a dope conversation starter with your customers.

If this same system could be used to supply plant based mylks, would you cut a second hole in your workbench? And which milk would you be most keen to stock (imagine you had to choose just the one)? Oat, hemp, soy, nut of some kind?

At Homebrew we use 7 varieties of milk! We would totally punch 7 holes in our bench to run a system like this! Think, full fat, trim, chocolate, soy, coconut, almond and oat all on tap!! Yeah boiiiii!