The Convenience Of A Throwaway Society

By Clinton Chambers
Are we being robbed as a society of our convenience? The supermarket checkout screams at you to remember your reusable bag, can’t get a straw with your gin and tonic, you can’t even buy bottled water at a festival anymore – no matter how thirsty you are! And now they want to stop us having our coffee in takeaway paper cups, what is the world coming too………………
Maybe it isn’t the world, maybe it’s us humans who have become so fixated on our busy lives and ‘getting more’ out of life we’ve taken too much for granted.  Years of naivety, years of no infrastructure to support our inefficiencies, and years of just not caring where our waste goes?
Rubbish……isn’t that someone’s else’s problem? Well here’s a wake up call, apparently not, rubbish has now become a PROBLEM for all of us!
It is estimated we guzzle our way through 295 million cups of takeaway coffee a year. Most can't be recycled and end up in landfill. New Zealanders have been seeking instant gratification and convenience for coffee since the 1890s. We don’t need to go into detail on here as to how this throwaway culture has affected our environment, there’s plenty of that on the internet.
Is there a simple solution? Well actually there is, and it starts with every one of us, we just need to slow down a bit and take that moment to think about our everyday choices especially the ones when it comes to consumerism. Do I need that coffee today? Sure I do, have I got my cup with me? Do I need to go to the grocery store today? Sure I do have I got my shopping bags in the car? Will I get thirsty today? Sure I will, have I got my refillable water bottle with me? Every day we make around 35,000 decisions. Today, you have one extra decision to make. Do I choose convenience, or do I choose the future?
Takeaway coffee cups are but a small portion of the bigger issue that is our throwaway society, but if we don’t start somewhere we are going to get nowhere.
At Taste Nature we want the best for our planet, from soil to plate and we want the best for your body, from child to adult. Everything we consume has an impact whether good or bad in the supply chain, as consumers we have the power to influence these impacts and bring about a positive outcome for our planet and our community.
See you at Taste Nature with your refillable container and your own coffee cup.