Before we start, you should know: this isn't a money making gig. No one takes a wage. It's a small but proactive af group of humans who give their time and energy and money to support the heck out of hospo, while hospo makes the world a better place for us all. 

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We are proactive af about supporting you and the movement to reduce single use. This isn't one of those clubs where you pay for a sticker then hear nothing again. 


Have a look at our Guides & Signs and Hospo Helpers pages? We have heaps of tips, downloads and guides about reducing your single use waste while keeping your staff and customers feeling loved. Want us to research something for you? Email us. We work for you. 


Think of us as your social media marketing department. If you use Instagram, tag us - we will always share. Hiring? New menu? Gorgeous pics of gorgeous coffees in reusable cups? How many 'keep cup' customers you served last week? Use us.


If you want to leave at any time, no problem. Just log in to your account and delete yourself, or send me an email and I'll take care of it - no questions asked, no crying and no fuss. 



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