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PFAS in 'ECO' Throwaway Packaging

By Jitka Strakova, Julie Schneider, Natacha Cingotti
What are we eating when we choose single use? Please have a read. This report is mainly concerned with fibre/paper products, currently used by hospitality world wide.

Milk On Tap

By Blair - Homebrew
Kaipaki Dairies decided that plastic just isn't for them, so they brought in The Udder Way system from across the ditch and have begun supplying local Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Auckland cafes with single use container free, plastic free milk. We asked Homebrew (A UYO cafe), to tell us why they were keen to make the change away from mainstream dairy and linear delivery...

Throwaway Cup Free At Taste Nature

By Clinton Chambers
2021 was the year that Clinton Chambers, owner/operator of Taste Nature, Dunedin, decided that it was time for his business to leave single use coffee cups behind. Committed to creating an environment that encourages responsible consumption, disposables just didn't sit right with his vision for Taste Nature. We asked him a few of the most common questions we hear from within the industry...

Eden at Otago Poly - Single Use Free since forever

By Grace Tarbotton
"Eden went single use cup free in early 2016 and we’ve saved approximately 500 cups per week since then. According to my calculations (taking holidays into account) this means that we’ve saved roughly 120,000 cups in 5 years."

The Eden Cafe is located within the Otago Polytechnic Campus. We asked Grace (manager) the questions that we most often hear from hospo who are just still a little nervous about making the move...

Throwaway Free At Mussel Inn

By Jane
The Mussel Inn is a popular cafe, brewery and music venue in Golden Bay. Ever since it opened, in 1992, owners Jane and Andrew Dixon have done things differently. Bit by bit, they’ve transformed their business. Here we ask Jane specifically about their process going single use cup free...

Single Use Free at Governors Bay

By Eric Devos, Owner operator
The Sign of the Kiwi banned take away cups 3 years ago. How did this Governors Bay icon get the job done? What are the benefits? What were their concerns? And what do they have to say to others in hospitality who are thinking about making the move...

Sweet Release ~ Single Use Cup Free

By Kris Bartley
Minimising harm and maximising good is a constant behind all the decisions owner operator Kristine Bartley makes at Sweet Release. This Wellington icon is a plant-based dream, but it also works hard to address local food poverty, rethink waste and encourage inclusivity. Here we ask Kris about their Throwaway Cup Free policy...

Single Use Cup Free at The Hut

By Plastic Free Raglan
The Plastic Free Raglan team sat down for a cuppa with Emma, owner of The Hut which opened last December on Rangitahi Peninsula. Here you can read about why encouraging reuse and minimising waste is so vital for Emma, and how she incorporates her principles into creating a successful business.

Why Being Single Use Cup Free from day 1 is DOPE

By Sîan and Sean - Q & A
These two Wellington locals opened DOPE trailer in January 2021. From the very beginning, they served sumptuous smoothies and smooth Peoples coffees in reusables ONLY. Why and how is what we are asking. Intrigued? Pop and see them parked up weekdays on Forrester Lane, right outside the Sustainability Trust - a fitting location...
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