Ethically Kate Talks Business & Kindness

UYO isn't just about using your own cup. Although using-your-own cup is a freaking great idea, it's also important that we use-our-own VOICE + CONSUMER POWER + VALUES + INFLUENCE + IDEAS + BRAINS + HEARTS.

Here you can watch, listen, read. Devour content from myself (Ethically Kate) and my guests, to develop ways of practicing business and kindness.

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Defining 'they' and accepting strangers

By Kate Hall
North East Valley café and gallery ADJØ is hosting an international art project titled ‘Who Is? Project’. I unpick what this art project means to me, and discuss the definition of 'they'.

What will post-lockdown hold for my sustainable business?

By Kate Hall
I speak to two experts in the field of sustainable hospitality and gather their insightful and (mainly) positive thoughts on what post-lock down life looks like, and how to manage sustainable business during this time.

Takeaway Cups + Responsible Influencing With @lovewelly

By Tom
Tom from @lovewelly shares his thoughts on responsible influencing and why single use coffee cups are simply NOT okay. No matter the circumstance.

COVID 19 Press Release

By Takeaway Throwaways
There's a lot to talk about, for sure, and many issues to consider to keep ourselves safe, both sides of the hospitality counter, but there is no need to sacrifice our planet, or u-turn on all the good work that has been done to reduce single use in Aotearoa New Zealand. Our climate crisis is still real...

Being Single Use Free!

By Mell Anderson
It's a feel good factor when we think we have approximately saved 12,000 cups going to Hawkes Bay land fill in our short time doing it!

Single Use Cup (SUC) Free in 2020 

By Kirsty Schmutsch
​​​​​​​What’s your new year’s resolution? Ours is to be single use cup free (SUC Free) in 2020.  What does this mean? It means that we no longer serve takeaway drinks in single use cups- takeaway coffee cups.

Dear Air New Zealand...

By Frustrated Tidy Kiwis
An open letter to Air New Zealand from frustrated tidy kiwis who desperately want them to jump on the reusable mug bandwagon and never go back...

Mama Says...

By Rachael Maiden
When the day finally arrives that the government bans single use service ware (and I feel it will come) such as straws, coffee, smoothie cups, napkins, takeaway boxes, will I, as a Mother of a two year old, be up in arms?

Should We Take Away Throw-aways?

By Humans of Instagram
How would you feel if there were no throwaway cups at all in New Zealand? What alternatives appeal to you? How could we ensure whatever stepped up to fill the void would be inclusive? Would you still drink take out coffee? What are your priorities? Convenience? The end of single use culture?
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