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Sweet Release ~ Single Use Cup Free

By Kris Bartley
Minimising harm and maximising good is a constant behind all the decisions owner operator Kristine Bartley makes at Sweet Release. This Wellington icon is a plant-based dream, but it also works hard to address local food poverty, rethink waste and encourage inclusivity. Here we ask Kris about their Throwaway Cup Free policy...


By Everyone
Every Friday of April, cafes around New Zealand are pledging to go free of single-use cups, workplaces are signing up to encourage staff to BYO mugs for their morning smoko, and individuals are committing to use our own cups or make time to stay. Here's a heroes list and the how to...

Single Use Free at Governors Bay

By Eric Devos, Owner operator
The Sign of the Kiwi banned take away cups 3 years ago. How did this Governors Bay icon get the job done? What are the benefits? What were their concerns? And what do they have to say to others in hospitality who are thinking about making the move...

The Kiwi Bottle Drive & The Glass Industy

By Takeaway Throwaways
The report also reveals the problem of industry lobbying & what we're up against if we want to see change. And no, it's not the plastic lobby in this case, it's the glass lobby.

Why Being Single Use Cup Free from day 1 is DOPE

By Sîan and Sean - Q & A
These two Wellington locals opened DOPE trailer in January 2021. From the very beginning, they served sumptuous smoothies and smooth Peoples coffees in reusables ONLY. Why and how is what we are asking. Intrigued? Pop and see them parked up weekdays on Forrester Lane, right outside the Sustainability Trust - a fitting location...


By Martin Allan, Handcrafted Food
Love your product not your packaging is an idea that has came about in a desperate attempt to get business’ to start choosing greener packaging for their products. We can use the powerful platforms of social media to influence, shape even demand the changes we need to see. The consumer is more powerful than ever before. Click in to read on...

Tetrapak, like really...

By An amalgamation, just like Tetrapak
So, it's actually really hard to find evidence of where the Tetrapaks in NZ go and what happens to them. We picked this stuff up from conversations with people in the waste and recycling industry. However, the actual info available to the public is SO NOT TRANSPARENT. Click in to read on...

What Is The TakeAway ThrowAways Campaign?

By Laura UYO
The Takeaway Throwaways campaign (TATA) was launched in early 2020 as a joint action by The Rubbish Trip and UYO. And as such, we share the #takeawaythrowaways campaign on the instagram all the time, but what is it, what does it aim to do, what does it do today and where do you sign the petition?

Happy To Be Throwaway Cup Free

By Cafes who are #sucfree
Click in to read brief contributions from cafe owners, staff (and customers) who have experienced a throwaway-takeaway cup-free environment in hospitality, either as part of a Use Your Own Cup day celebration, as a trial, or as a full time policy. Have a read. Feel free to ask questions or contribute your feedback. It's good to talk...
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