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UYO isn't just about using your own cup - it's also important that we use-our-own VOICE + CONSUMER POWER + VALUES + INFLUENCE + IDEAS + BRAINS + HEARTS.

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Ona Coffee & Reuse Culture

Ona Coffee is one of Australia’s most highly regarded specialty roasters. They have started a revolution in Australia to end wasteful, takeaway culture.

Taste Nature has re-filled over 35,595 containers in one year

By Ethically Kate
Dunedin based organic grocery store, Taste Nature, has re-filled over 35,595 containers in one year, while encouraging reusers through their unique ‘refilled not landfilled’ board.

What To Do In Aotearoa If A Cafe Isn't Accepting Reusables

By Ethically Kate
If a cafe isn't accepting reusables, you don't have to accept disposables. It's not out of your control! Use this guide to help you make the best decision.

Govt proposal to ban wide range of single-use plastic items world-leading

By Takeaway Throwaways
Takeaway Throwaways applauds the August announcement by Associate Minister Eugenie Sage, proposing phase-outs of a wide range of single-use plastics. Items targeted include multiple serviceware products - from bowls, plates, straws, stirrers, cutlery, cups and lids, and sushi trays.

Submission Guide

By Takeaway Throwaways
Proud to share the Takeaway Throwaways short form PDF guide to making a submission on this Govt proposal. This is our chance to make our voices heard, with real impact...

Humanity Isn't All Bad

By Ethically Kate
Sometimes I hate being a human - the damage we do to the earth, and the hurt we cause others, can be terrible. But lately I was reminded of how precious and considerate humans can be.

Unofficial Summary of Govt Consultation Doc on Banning some Hard-to-Recycle and Single-Use Plastics

The NZ Government plans to ban a bunch of plastic products... here's a summary of their 74 page proposal document. You're welcome!

Introducing Reusabowl: Wellington's Bowl Borrowing System

By Ethically Kate
A new bowl borrowing system has just launched its first trial at some of Wellington’s most popular eateries!

6 Mistakes To Learn From Before You UYO Reusables

By Ethically Kate
Bringing Your Own reusables with you whenever you eat out, is a brilliant idea. However, it's not all easy easy at the start. Learn from my mistakes, and you'll ace it.