Waste Words From Both Sides Of The Counter

Here you can watch, listen and read videos, podcasts and essays about a variety of strategies and ideas that can be employed to reduce or completely remove many kinds of waste from your hospo life. There are also opinions from cafes lovers about how our relationship with single use waste could and should change...

There is also the ability to discuss and question, contribute and request information. This is a place for hospo to share and learn and support. 

Created to support the hospitality industry, these resources have been created in partnership with some absolute diamonds.

We thank them, and you, for the changes that are happening all over Aotearoa. As always, if you need something, get in touch ~ if you wish to contribute, get in touch. 


The Convenience Of A Throwaway Society

By Clinton Chambers
Click in to read why Clinton, Owner/Operator of Taste Nature, Dunedin, believes that single use is NOT here to stay...

Happy To Be Throwaway Cup Free

By Cafes who are #sucfree
Click in to read brief contributions from cafe owners, staff (and customers) who have experienced a throwaway-takeaway cup-free environment in hospitality, either as part of a Use Your Own Cup day celebration, as a trial, or as a full time policy. Have a read. Feel free to ask questions or contribute your feedback. It's good to talk...

Use Your Own Cup Day

By Kate Hall
Wednesday the 11th of December is Use Your Own Cup Day!! #uyocupday is a celebration for those who choose to respect the planet and their peers by reusing a mug rather than opting for a disposable coffee cup that, well, majorly sucks. Join us!? ☕ Click and read on for cafes who have something special for you on Use Your Own Cup Day...

In Aotearoa We Choose To Reuse.

By Laura Cope: UYO Cafe Guide
For me, it's not about the cups. Of course, resource waste, energy squandering, littering and waste stream headaches are relevant. But for me, fighting the cups themselves isn't what keeps me committed to the Use Your Own crusade...

Before You Spend Big...

By Leo Murray: Why Waste NZ
Food Waste Management ~ Low Cost: High Impact ~ Leo from Why Waste demonstrates how to make a simple three-bay compost bin that's super low cost and constructed from mostly waste materials. This ten minute instructional video was made in Partnership with UYO and covers the Why, the How, and What composting is all about.