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UYO isn't just about using your own cup - it's also important that we use-our-own VOICE + CONSUMER POWER + VALUES + INFLUENCE + IDEAS + BRAINS + HEARTS.

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Takeaway Cups + Responsible Influencing With @lovewelly

By Tom
Tom from @lovewelly shares his thoughts on responsible influencing and why single use coffee cups are simply NOT okay. No matter the circumstance.

How one small business is using it's imagination and ethics to create change for good in post COVID Aotearoa

Ethics and sustainably do not need to be forgotten in a post COVID Aotearoa. ADJØ cafe show us why holding your values close is important for business resilience in both an environmental and business sense.

How To Use Your Own Voice

By Ethically Kate
If you have something to say, and you want to start being vocal about your passion online or off... read this first.

Two Spoons Coffee Date With Kate

By Ethically Kate
Come with me on a date to Two Spoons Cafe. Let's chat about the importance of cafe culture over brownie and a sandwich.

Where To Grab Your Tradie Week Free Coffees

By Ethically Kate
To celebrate the beginning of Tradie Week, on the 22nd of June 30+ cafes nationwide are giving away 10 free brews to Tradies who bring their reusables! Here is a list of where to find them.

Tradie Week 2020

By Ethically Kate
22-26th June is Tradie Week. A week to support building sites who are disposable-cup-free, to help the Aotearoa New Zealand hospitality industry get back on its feet, and to ultimately let Tradies know: it’s normal to BYO cup.

Drifter Coffee Date With Kate

By Ethically Kate
Let's go on a date to Drifter Coffee, Orewa based... but always roaming.

Defining 'they' and accepting strangers

By Kate Hall
North East Valley café and gallery ADJØ is hosting an international art project titled ‘Who Is? Project’. I unpick what this art project means to me, and discuss the definition of 'they'.

What will post-lockdown hold for my sustainable business?

By Kate Hall
I speak to two experts in the field of sustainable hospitality and gather their insightful and (mainly) positive thoughts on what post-lock down life looks like, and how to manage sustainable business during this time.