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UYO isn't just about using your own cup. Although using-your-own cup is a freaking great idea, it's also important that we use-our-own VOICE + CONSUMER POWER + VALUES + INFLUENCE + IDEAS + BRAINS + HEARTS.

Here you can watch, listen, read. Devour content from myself (Ethically Kate) and my guests, to develop ways of practicing business and kindness.

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The Raging Success of Use Your Own Cup Day 2019

By Kate Hall
On the 11th of December, New Zealand celebrated Use Your Own Cup Day. Cafes, businesses, and individuals bought their own cups instead of using nasty single-use, and the day was a massive hit!

Reusables Only At Remarkables

By Sherryn Smith
October 2019, the Remarkables Market, Queenstown, opened for the season entirely single use cup free. Management, vendors, customers and the wider community have made this work. We asked the market manager, Sherryn, to outline how the journey went...

The Convenience Of A Throwaway Society

By Clinton Chambers
Click in to read why Clinton, Owner/Operator of Taste Nature, Dunedin, believes that single use is NOT here to stay...

Responsible Influencing

By Laura Cope
Can social media be the tool we need to formalise and solidify the shift toward #caringisthenewblack? What role can regular social media users play to influence the influencers? Does change in the real need the permission of the virtual world?

In Aotearoa We Choose To Reuse.

By Laura Cope: UYO Cafe Guide
For me, it's not about the cups. Of course, resource waste, energy squandering, littering and waste stream headaches are relevant. But for me, fighting the cups themselves isn't what keeps me committed to the Use Your Own crusade...

Use Your Own Cup Day

By Kate Hall
Wednesday the 11th of December is Use Your Own Cup Day!! #uyocupday is a celebration for those who choose to respect the planet and their peers by reusing a mug rather than opting for a disposable coffee cup that, well, majorly sucks. Join us!? ☕ Click and read on for cafes who have something special for you on Use Your Own Cup Day...

Minimising Waste - A Hospo Guide

By Laura UYO
This is a practical starters guide to cleaning up your footprint, saving dollars on single use, becoming a clean business, using social media to create change and create traffic, and basically becoming a positive influence in the industry from which wider social change can grow.

Dear Air New Zealand...

By Frustrated Tidy Kiwis
An open letter to Air New Zealand from frustrated tidy kiwis who desperately want them to jump on the reusable mug bandwagon and never go back...

Before You Spend Big...

By Leo Murray: Why Waste NZ
Food Waste Management ~ Low Cost: High Impact ~ Leo from Why Waste demonstrates how to make a simple three-bay compost bin that's super low cost and constructed from mostly waste materials. This ten minute instructional video was made in Partnership with UYO and covers the Why, the How, and What composting is all about.
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