A Review

...of George from @gemzjemz

"Now that I’m back home in Tauranga for the break I get to go back to all my favourite cafes here! I have been going to George Atomanu for years now but it’s funny because it was only this year that I found out their “meat” sandwiches weren’t actually made from real meat 😂 although I’m not vegan I love to try vegan food! And their sandwiches always blow me away 😍 I couldn’t decide between their pulled pork Cuban sandwich or their chicken avocado sandwich, so of course I got both 😂 I asked to have the Cuban toasted and oh my it was delish 😋 the “pulled pork” was made from jackfruit and they use a vegan cheese (which is why it didn’t melt but still tasted great) with pickles, which I don’t normally like but definitely complimented this sandwich 👌🏼 then I had the chicken sandwich fresh because that’s just how I wanted to eat it. And wow I can’t believe it wasn’t real chicken. So creamy and paired perfectly with the fresh crisp lettuce and avooooo 😍 this cafe has always been one of my favs so if you’re ever in Tauranga I highly recommend 🙌🏼❤️ they also do non vegan options on their menu like eggs which I can confirm are delish 👌🏼 so there will definitely be something there to cater for everyone 😊"

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