A ProActivist Cafe Guide...a what?

A Proactivist goes beyond talking ~ rolls their sleeves up and gets on with livng and working the solutions.

In this context, here, on this website, and in this hospo community, ProActvist cafes and ProActivist customers create environments for real change to thrive and grow ~ for new normals to evolve.

Activists stir the shit (that's the @uyo.nz instagram!) and then Proactivists move us beyond ~ into grass roots, hands on action that can build to become legislative and industry change.

It is post-cool: there is no need to impress anyone, just do the work, together.

So, we invite you to support small businesses that are proactively addressing the world’s struggle against throwaway culture. And imagine a catchy and emotional last line here ~ one that makes you want to start refusing single use forever, today.

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