A Review

...of The Black Shed from lovely @unknown_cravings 💛

"When I woke up this morning, I was feeling shit,anxious and very low. Somehow I pushed myself to go out because somewhere I knew that outdoors and food will make me feel more present and grounded and also happy. I started driving again without a map and came across a little sign on the corner of the road COFFEE TO GO and FRESH FLOWERS 😊

As soon as I entered The Black Shed Napier I was amazed that how beautiful was this place just around the corner of my suburb. Also I would like to say the lady at the counter made my day with her very beautiful smile and awesome customer service. She offered me to bring the coffee to the field and she came up with this beautiful basket. Seems like she was enjoying working there. .

We never know how small efforts can actually make someone's day. Thank you for doing what you do. World needs more people like that who only bring smiles to someone's face.

I will be back 😊 #roamwithkirtika"

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