A Review

...of Vogel Street Kitchen from @tastebuds_ontour ❤️

"Last Dunedin schnaaack for the year at Vogel Street Kitchen. Finally succumbed to my month-long cinnamon scroll cravings, and had to try the chocolate berry danish too. Vogel St does some of the best cinnamon scrolls in Dunedin, don’t fight me on this. They’ve got the perfect amount of cinnamon in them, are an amazing texture and make for the best treat when heated and lathered in butter. The choc berry Danish pastry was so light and flaky too 😍 Both items were decently priced too when compared to some of the other fav spots in Dunedin! Over and out for the year, Dunedin. Stay tuned for many AKL foodie posts to come for the next 3 months 🎉 💰 Price: $10 for these 2 pastries ❤️"

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