A Review

...of Shake from @healthsensation 💗

"What an absolutely drool worthy treat from Croc Shake 💅🏼 I was lucky enough to be given this absolute GEM of a shake and indulge in all its tasty glory 🙏🏻 This sexy af creation was made with @fixandfogg’s hazelnut spread and super crunchy peanut butter - what more could you ask for ?!?!? 🌰🙌🏼 A collab of dreams. It also had pretzels, marshmallow bits and ofc an icecream cone inside, just to mention a couple of its luxury features. It was so massive and resulted in me having to lie down on the floor and be very very still once I got home because it sent me into a food coma. Still worth every bite 👏🏼 It’s also totally vegan so your dairy free friends don’t have to miss out! Thanks heaps Croc Shake and especially thanks to @emily_rietveld_’s fine craftsmanship #Healthsensation"

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