At The Otago Museum

No cost to attend: The Zero Waste Approach - 6pm–8pm, Tuesday 19 November, Hutton Theatre 🏵 Are you concerned about the environment, but feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the problem? 🏵 Come along to hear the wonderful Hannah and Liam of The Rubbish Trip, get inspired, and be a part of the solution. 🏵 Otago Museum is thrilled to be hosting New Zealand’s most famous zero wasters. The rubbish reduction nomads are back in Dunedin, so for those of you who missed out on last year’s talk, now is your opportunity to come along and learn about what you can do to do your bit! 🏵 This two hour seminar is an introduction on how to implement waste reduction in your life. With more than four years of zero-waste living, and a lot of research into the practicalities of the movement, Hannah and Liam will guide you through life without a rubbish bin, including:

  • Tips for how you can reduce the rubbish in your life, with fun DIY household products, cosmetics, and other life hacks.

  • What is the zero waste movement? Why is waste reduction important?

  • How zero waste principles can revolutionise your perspectives on living and lifestyle, beyond your rubbish bin.

  • Innovative examples of waste minimisation policy, practice, and thinking from around the world, and how these can inform community-level waste reduction.

Image credit: Rexine Hawes



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