Everyday Heroes

Read about this legend, and connect HERE with Why Waste, Mt Maunganui, for event waste managment and worm farm hire for businesses and residential: 

"Why Waste started off in 2014, when Leo Murray began collecting skanky food waste from cafes and restaurants in his van and returning it to the soil via composting. The compost collection is no longer happening, but the lessons learned have helped the project grow. ⁣

Driven by the fascinatingly diverse and beautiful web of relationships that form the natural world, Leo's active role as a changemaker and thought leader in Aotearoa manifests in similar ways - designer, organiser, facilitator, performer, teacher, learner, activists and visionary.⁣

Now based in Mount Maunganui and driving the socio-ecological enterprise Why Waste, there is significant momentum toward creating a kind of world worth saving."

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