Flaxes Retreat- venue and accomodation in the sweetest spot

NZ is so beautiful and Flaxes Retreat has a real choice spot for a get-together. Used a lot as a wedding venue this place could be for any event. 8 cabins sleeping 29 people and room for camping. It's right by the shag river, 59km north of Dunedin. It has the best ever rope swing, hammocks for stragazing and big fire pit. It's so nice getting your loved ones together and there is no wifi and very patchy reception which makes for signing and dancing πŸ“±πŸŒŸ

Not a cafe or eatery but these guys care. 

πŸ’§They'll refill your water bottle   🍰 Will help you organise caterers πŸ± Will love you to use and bring reusable containers πŸŒŸ Responsible with their food waste

Give Marianne and Gene a call or pop in and see them. 

Checkout their website: www.flaxesretreat.co.nz

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