From The Gram

WORD from instagram account @sustainable_chill 🌻 ~ "Gifted this mug by the Head of sustainability at work yesterday. 😍 I’ve made a lot of noise about coffee cups, and single use plastic at work and people now know who I am and ask me recycling questions. 😊 Sometimes it really is as simple as the message on this cup. 
CHOOSE TO REUSE. Nobody is perfect and we shouldn’t try to be. But trying to be better is important. Everyday at work I put a banana skin and apple core in the bin. There isn’t a system for food waste. Maybe I should take them home for my own food waste... to be completely honest the thought only just came to my mind and I’m passionate about this stuff. That helps me understand why other people don’t think about what they throw away... it’s not that they don’t care. It’s that it’s not on their radar. So my mission is to put it on people’s radar and raise awareness. 🌻 FYI, this mug is made from bamboo".

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