From The Gram

Good news from across the ditch from instasista @treadingmyownpath (the instagram handles on uyo are always live!) 🌻 ~ "Stopping off at my favourite local cafe @antzstagramHQ to buy coffee beans (they buy direct from growers to ensure fair prices, roast then fresh and sell them by weight without pre-packing so I can BYO container... Plus grind them for me which saves me owning a grinder (they have a commercial one is way better than anything I'd own 🙈). Oh, and they've banned disposable cups. Hurrah! 😃 Dine in, bring your own reusable, buy one of their reusables or NO COFFEE FOR YOU ☕🚫😳 And it works like magic, almost everyone is on board and it is so good knowing that there are good companies leading the way for other to follow 🌏💚😊"

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