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Our instabrother @scavenger.mfg across the ditch has created a 'keepcup' swap system using jars, recycled neoprene and commonsense ~ read on 🚯🚯🚯 "New pitch for these guys - buy two, and then politely ask your local caff/morning besties to hold one for you. Then, when you come back in 24ish hours time, they can swap it out for your dirty one, put that through their dishwasher at some point during the day, then tuck it away somewhere ready to swap it out again when you next visit (in another 24ish hours). Make sense? 🚯 I’m reeeeeeeeeally hopeful that through individuals asking their baristas on a one-to-one basis, widespread rotation of these super cheap, returnable, recycled and recyclable jars can actually gain some traction, because it means that 🚯
1) cafes don’t have excess cups taking up space
2) barista-customer goodwill is strengthened
3) less disposable shit pollutes our beautiful planet
4) the “I don’t have time to wash it” excuse no longer holds water (pun intended, and did it ever?!)
For $10, I reckon this is a bloody no brainer. Deadset, you’ll make it back so quickly with the BYO discounts it will entitle you to! Right?? 🚯 Especially for TWO cups, made of 100% RECYCLED MATERIAL, that are also fully LEAKPROOF, and INSULATED with old wetsuits. Ten bux?!? I mean comaaaaaaaan people, how much more accessible can it get 🤝 Disposable = shithouse effort. 🚯 It’s time. 🚯 LET THE CUPCYCLING BEGIN ♻️🏁

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