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A word from our Hawkes Bay instafriends, @missingingredient_sosimple πŸŒ» ~ "THE LAST LAST RESORT Our recycling system has changed for Hastings and Napier NZ couple mounths ago. In Hastings we can only recycle plastic bottles no 1,2 - rinsed (very clean, squashed, lids off). Napier the same but you guys can keep lids on......All recycling Needs to be very clean - for no contamination. πŸŒ» In our home we still have some recycling which we take to the recycling centre every 3 mounts. On the picture is our recycling for 4 mounts. We pretty much recycle tins from coconut cream&wine bottles (there is 1glass bottle of maple syrup plus 1 paper also) Sometimes a bottle of heavy whipped cream but we try to avoid it as much we can. Or also some recycling litter we pick up from somewhere outside (by the river, in the river, by the sea, by the road...) For us is recycling not a solution but the last last resort. (Composting certainly has its benefits it doesn’t produce emission as much because it goes back to the soil not the landfill) πŸŒ» For us all people is Recycling sort of a “guilt free clause” (that’s how we may feel like) as Sarah Wilson says (basically it is not good at all just we feel sort of better? if recycle. But it’s not a solution)and we do agree with Sarah!! The amount of work to take carry a one produce(for example some fruit...) - wrapping, manufacturing, oil, shipping...basically the whole thing bring it the product to the supermarket/consumer/us, its insane!! China used to take all our recycling but they stopped - so now there is no way to take our recycling. Councils and governments out there actually don’t know what to do. There are massive storage units waiting for ‘somebody’ with the solution. About 6% of plastic on the planet gets recycle. Recycling is not a solution, it is the last last resort. πŸŒ» Ps: For us - having less recycling that means less wine bottles 😝It’s going very well so far:-) Ps2: If anyone would know about refill wine please let me know, thank you kindly. Europe/definitely Czech Republic πŸ‡¨πŸ‡Ώ does that πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»"

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