Heard about Why Waste?

Click HERE if you are in the Auckland/BOP region to ask Why Waste to sign you up for a serviced worm farm, and get your food waste undercontrol and out of landfill. Easy as. 🌿

"If you've been on the fence about hiring or buying, here's some points that might help you decide. ⁠🌻 Hiring is the preferred organic waste solution for our subscribers because:⁠ - They get the best worm farm on the market, the Hungry Bin. ⁠🌻 We ensure it performs optimally, processing up to 2kgs of organic waste per day. ⁠🌻 We do all the dirty work, so their waste solution is in top shape. 🌻 They get better fertiliser at the other end.⁠ 🌻 They save on rubbish bags. 🌻 So many wins!⁠ 🌻⁠ "The average household in NZ throws out 1.5 kilos of food waste a day, as well as other types of biodegradable waste like cardboard and paper etc. Because our serviced worm farms run at such a high capacity that they can process up to 2.0 kilos a day. This easy and affordable solution will reduce your waste and transform it into useful nutrients for your pot plants, lawn or garden."

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