...from The Botanist from @cafecrawlerlucy 🌟

"Two weeks ago I was blown away by the buckwheat pancakes I had at The Botanist (if you haven’t tried them PLEASE go!), which actually inspired me to put my chef's hat back on and have my own crack at buckwheat pancakes, with help from @orgranfoods buckwheat pancake mix! These turned out to be absolutely delicious, and some of the fluffiest pancakes I’ve ever tried (swipe to see a terrible photo of the fluffiness. We used a chia egg and oat milk to this mix instead of the norms, which worked a treat - and my yoghurt, berry, honey and walnut combo paired super well with the nutty buckwheat flavours! If you’re a lover of pancakes and want a slightly healthier Sunday brunch option, then I totally recommend grabbing yourself a pack of this mix right now!"

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