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A challenge from our instasista @ethicallykate ⭐ ~ "If you walked into a cafe and forgot your cup, would you be mad if the cafe had NO takeaway cups??- not a rhetorical question. I’ve been watching as cafes come up with awesome mug libraries, free jars, and reusable cup systems... but so many are too scared to stop serving single use cups altogether. What if we, the hot-drink-drinkers, smiled and told them it’s okay? ☕️ When you next grab a coffee, I CHALLENGE YOU to #cutthecupand tell the cafe you wouldn’t mind if they did too 👏"


Kelly Tarlton's in Auckland is a regular stop for visitors, locals, school trips and birthday parties. They have a café - and what we love about these guys is that they are keen to refill your water flasks, rather than sell you another single use plastic water bottle - protecting our oceans and avoiding landfill. Nice work Kelly's.

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