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This is Esther. And HERE is her blog and shop, with gorgeous items and encouraging words. We have a lot of time for Esther. She's a real human, doing the best she can, and sharing her experiences. Gently. No shouting, no preaching. Gently. Read more below..

I’m a kiwi mum who has become very passionate about the idea of living a ‘Good’ life.  For me, this means a fulfilling, healthy life which is not experienced at the expense of others. I strive to make daily lifestyle choices that are ethical, responsible, practical, and sustainable – for me, for my family, for my community, and for our environment.

Of course, I don’t get everything right, and I’m fine with that. Life is a journey; one giant learning experience.  If I tell my kids it’s okay to make mistakes so long as you try your best and learn from them, well then, I should practise what I preach and live my own life this way!

If I had planned from the start to end up where I am now, I know I would have been far too overwhelmed by the prospect of implementing so many changes to my daily life to even begin.  But the truth is, it all started with baby steps motivated by a desire to actually do something to change the world for the better, rather than just sit around agreeing or disagreeing, judging or feeling judged.  I think for many of us, it is the fear that what we do won’t be enough – enough for what? – that prevents us from doing what we deep down believe to be right.  Also, there is a misconception that living the Good Life is hard work, requiring much more effort than the advertised life of convenience.  But I have to say that my life now is far more comfortable, manageable, and every bit as convenient as it ever was in the past. Moreover, I feel peaceful in my heart, knowing I do what I say, and say what I believe.

I believe that money is a tool, not a value.  I believe that we can heal our bodies and thrive, if we just take the time to watch, listen, feel, and allow ourselves to grow in our own individual ways.  I believe that we can be happy, successful, and fulfilled, without squashing or sacrificing anyone else in our quest to be so.  I believe that working hard for something meaningful is a gift, not a burden.  And I know that I’m not perfect and I never will be, but that isn’t a reason to stop trying to be good.

Esther x

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