Responsible Influencing

This is instagram legends, @wellyfoodlove choosing to reuse and promoting their Wellington cafes without promoting packaging companies ~ 🌿 "The glorious @sweetreleasecakesandtreats bagel!!! 😍🥯 So happy to see they allow you to bring your own containers in so you can have the goodies without the waste!! 🤗🌏🙌🏻 We’ve been wanting some goodies for days but have been reflecting on our waste and want to cut down as much as possible, so we messaged the amazing team and voila; the amazing bagels waste free!!! 😍👏🏻 Opted for the jacked up bagel (one each cause it’s too good to share 😂) and a chicken and cheese, amazing as always 🤤👌🏻✨"

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