Rubbish Free NZ Xmas Special

Have you heard of New Zealand's original zero waste lifestyler, Waveney Warth? If not, check out her and her husband's website (Click HERE). You can also listen to Waveney's podcast, How To Save The World, which she hosts alongside comedian, Tim Batt. Although not zero waste focused, with Waveney's background there are, unsurprisingly, many waste-related episodes that are REALLY informative and NZ-focused, so super relevant to boot. For example, check out the "Is recycling legit?" episode - an impressively insightful overview of the lay of the land in NZ when it comes to recycling. Another goodie is "Should We Burn or Bury our Rubbish?", which assesses whether waste-to-energy incinerators for household rubbish are a good idea for NZ. Have a listen!

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